UX/UI, typography, photography, and illustration by Brian Humrichouser

With 12+ Years in the industry, I am well versed in the design process from beginning to end. My skill set continues to expand, following 4+ years at Microsoft, 2.5 at Amazon, time at CNN, Zite, Digium and Respoke and during projects for Facebook, DocChat, and more.
Zite WP7

Same app, new platform
When the demand for the incredible app, Zite, grew, our team began to design for more devices in the market. We teamed up with folks at WP7 to created the same great Zite experience, yet custom designed for WP7, its hardware and its software.
Zite iPad

Lone designer on a team of 5
While not an official release, these Zite iPad app explorations were an effort to improve ‘look and feeI’ and create UX/UI that matched the sophistication and simplicity of Zite’s incredible technology.
Bing Shopping

Visual Refresh
Tasked to experiment with a full visual update for Bing domains, I was put on a small team of talented designers and asked to explore an alternative UI for the great content that Bing provides. I then applied the layout of Shopping to the other domains such as Travel. While I always strive for uniformity and simplicity through logic, architecture, UX and UI, I wanted to allow each domain to appear visually unique through the use of color in order to give them a bit more personality within such a large brand.
Bing Entertainment

End to end design
During my time at Microsoft’s Bing, I had a wide range of tasks from Bing’s social standards, to iPhone App & iPad app work, to page layout templates for our team. However my most adamant responsibilities were to the creation, consistency and organization of Bing’s Entertainment Pages. This included Music, Movies, TV and Video Games. In addition, I was also the main designer of Visual SERP as well as entry points to the various Entertainment pages.

Just what the doctor ordered
DocChat was an exciting app to create because it can save lives and help people get the medical help they need with just a few taps on their iPhones. DocChat allows anyone in the United States (and soon the world) connect to medical professionals that can treat visible and audible symptoms via video chat.


Digital scales of justice
ProAnnexUs is an incredible app with a unique idea and one mission: connect customers with the lawyers and legal help right for them. Filter lawyers by cost, specialty and location.

Cloud communication
Apollo is multifaceted communications software. Syncing with mobile, tablet and web technology, it keeps the user up to date and in context at all times from anywhere. Incorporating screen sharing, voice, video, text and more, it offers group chat, statuses, 1:1 and multi-user video with voice.

Analog In
Processing + Arduino
Using my Arduino, a small bread board and 3 potentiometers, I built a small machine that sends analog data to code I wrote in Processing. The processing code interprets the analog information as a number between 1 and 1,000. These values are used to dictate the size, opacity and y-axis of any letter pressed. In short, turning the pots up or down changes parameters that style typography.

Original fonts
My Alphabets
Both a challenge and a meditation, creating fonts is one of my favorite forms of design and expression. The satisfaction felt when I complete an alphabet is only matched by the pride and joy felt when I see my font in action.


Authentically Digital
Pushing my Arduino experimentation further, I created a series of posters that boasts "I'm made of pixels!" With Arial type creating beautiful sillhouettes, I simply applied a technique I have used since I was a child. I used a digital camera to take photos of the black and white creations. With a slight angle and some patience, this technique adds jaw-dropping textures, colors and perspectives. The photo is imported back into the computer where I multiply several layers of the same image. This increases the colors and allows the textures to really take hold. The results are brilliant.


I love letters
It is not enough for me to simply admire the work and fonts of other artists. To be a designer, I must design. These works truly are a result of my innate need to create and explore. Type never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Auras and animals
After capturing a portrait, I always look for ways to make it special. In this series, I explored the idea of a spirit animal. What if while the human eye could not see these beasts, but the camera could? One animal led to two, and two led to many.
Subtle bodies
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how about 10 seconds of video? Now multiply that by six and you'll find out how many words each of these portraits are worth.

Digital work
From my mind to my computer
Drawing in a digital space for me is as comfortable as my favorite jeans. With over 20 years of practice, I have developed tastes and techniques that shape my ideas into unique and cohesive pieces.

Hand Drawings

Pen, paper, imagination
While this selection of favorites was chosen for composition, clenlieness and subject matter, additionally it is a representation of physical control and quality of line. Using only paper and a fine point marker, each of these 4 works has no technical mistakes. Eeach line was confidently laid with purpose and intention, reminding myself and others that while I am at home in the digitial realm, the skills I carry with me there were refined in a non-digital space.

My career on one page
Including college, it has been almost 20 years of design. Fonts, logos, layouts, illustrations, photography, video, web work, and more. It has been an incredible 20 years and I look forward to 20 more. Download a PDF of my resume here.

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